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Who's Edd?!

Described as ‘a human volcano of ideas with the ingenuity to make them happen’, Edd is an Inventor, Designer, Engineer, Car Builder and TV presenter. He is probably best known for co-presenting Discovery’s Wheeler Dealers for 13 years but, as well as being a co-producer on Wheeler Dealers, he has also appeared on Scrapheap Challenge, Top Gear, Pulling Power and Fifth Gear and holds several Guinness World Records. Amongst others, he set records for World’s fastest sofa, shed, bathroom, bed and largest shopping trolley. He hosts a YouTube channel and has just published his first book.


Edd had an interest in cars and all things mechanical from an early age and following a degree in Engineering Product Design from London South Bank University and a stint as a special effects technician on the ‘Father Ted’ TV show, he set up his company, Cummfy Banana Limited, in 1999, as an outlet for his extreme creations.


He is passionate about design, engineering and “connecting things that wouldn’t normally be connected”; always challenging accepted limitations, conceiving unique solutions, intent on proving their feasibility – hence a sofa that can drive on the motorway, which set the Guinness World Record for ‘Fastest Furniture’ at an amazing 87mph in 1998 and more recently; the creation of a record breaking electric high speed amphibian and the world’s first all-electric ice cream van.


The notoriety of his early wacky creations set Edd on the path of becoming a media personality; regularly appearing in print and broadcast media and a popular guest on TV and radio programmes in the UK, Europe and around the world. He then appeared as the resident designer on the BBC television series ‘Panic Mechanic’ in 2002 and over the following years appeared regularly on a number of TV shows including Blue Peter, Top Gear, Big Breakfast and Scrapheap Challenge. In recent years he has appeared as a presenter on Wheeler Dealers, Pulling Power, Autotrader, The Shed of the Year Awards show and Classic Car Club as well as starring alongside his sofa car in a series of TV adverts in Japan for Nissan.


At the end of March 2017 he announced his departure from Wheeler Dealers after 13 seasons of the show, during which he had restored and enjoyed 135 classic cars. He is currently engaged in a number of electric vehicle engineering and development projects, alongside considering new TV projects and exploring online content offering through his YouTube channel. Wheeler Dealers was watched by 300 million people around the world in more than 220 territories making it the biggest car show on the planet at the time of his departure.


Edd is infinitely curious, positively disruptive and has a keen interest in anything to do with engineering, design, science, mechanics and things that move (especially if they shouldn’t).

...Have I mentioned you can now buy my book Grease Junkie: A book of moving parts and find out a whole load more?!... 

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